Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Catich Collection

The Catich Collection is a “Digital Archive of the works of Fr. Edward Catich,” a well known calligrapher. The collection was created by St. Ambrose University which houses the world’s largest collection of Fr. Edward Catich’s work.

This collection has digitized over 1100 images of Catich’s artwork. In the future, St. Ambrose hopes to include manuscripts, diaries and letters. I am only assuming that this has been moved to a long term goal because of budgetary or staff constraints.

The items are presented in a searchable catalog, with thumbnail views that can be enlarged. The only problem I see with the design of the digital collection is that there is no link to bring you back to the initial homepage. This hindered my perusal of the site on several occasions.

One thing I found helpful was a PDF file provided on the homepage that gives users hints for searching the collection. If someone with little internet searching experience was to come upon this website, they would probably gain from viewing this document. It is also important to note that the language used in the document can be universally used for internet searching, which gives the user a little more instruction.

The digital collection was easy to use (except for the lack of the “Home” link).

More information on The Catich Collection can be found here: http://catich.sau.edu/

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