Tuesday, February 27, 2007

RIT Digital Media Library (RIT DML)

The RIT Digital Media Library was developed in 2003 by the staff of Wallace Library. It is meant to support scholarly research at RIT and to provide a space for faculty, students and staff to share their work.

Anyone is allowed to view the RIT DML. However, the information is organized into Communities. Within these Communities, there are moderators who control the information that is posted. These moderators can also control who sees certain information. For example, there are minutes from Academic Senate meetings that are not accessible to just anyone. You have to have a log in name, password, and permission in order to view some information.

The RIT DML provides varied sources of information, with 2,500 items currently available.
“Here you can find articles, working papers, preprints, technical reports, conference papers and data sets in various digital formats.”

Some of these documents and materials are “born digital.” However, many pieces of information are provided to the Publishing and Scholarship Support Center (PSSC) at Wallace Library in order to be digitized and added to the RIT DML. For example, a current project is the digitization of all Reporter magazines (RIT’s student run magazine) from 1951 until they began digitally archiving their own copies in 2000. This task is a huge one, seeing as an average of 32 issues are released per academic year.

More information about the RIT DML can be found here: https://ritdml.rit.edu/dspace/

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burlapwax said...

This is an excellent repository!
I like the way it focuses the DSpace "collection" folders under arching communities of practice. The concept of community may need to be explored further; one of the major problems of institutional repository projects is when they don't attain enough "buy-in" from faculty, and methods for encouraging contribution are key.